Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Glen Barrington
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Actually, DOF control is what I was thinking about. . .

ljfinger wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Most anything you want to do with a FF camera you can do with any other camera.

Not true at all.

Look, a camera basically comes down to a sensor and a hole (aperture).  You can control the diameter (aperture) and location (focal length) of the hole.  That's about it.

This is a little out of date, but the message is simple - anywhere inside each "envelope" is where you can choose to shoot.  This is "hole" (aperture) size and location (field of view).  One envelope is much, much larger than the other, and that's why full-frame is so much more versatile than smaller formats.

That sort of DOF control can be controlled in other ways. Perhaps via the digital darkroom.  Is it EXACTLY the same?  No, but it also opens up new possibilities and forces people to think in new ways.

Ultimately, like any art form that uses ideas as its raw material, Photography can be a rehash of the same ideas repeatedly (nothing WRONG with comfort food), it can present old ideas with more depth or with a new perspective, or it can offer a completely new idea.  I see no limitations on any camera type that would prevent any of those options from being explored.

This is the basis of my argument.  I'm not trashing the idea of Full Frame cameras, they offer a mix  of tools that is slightly different from other cameras, and people DO tend to want what they want.  But I think the original post implied a subtext that FF was an inherently superior mix of tools and also implied that any other mix resulted in inferior photography.  THAT sort of thinking limits us, I believe.

Ok!  I'll climb down from my soapbox!

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