OK, here we go - side by side comparison X100/S

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Yep, You are right on...

Refreshing to see this post.  I agree 100%.  Have spent hours with all the "X" cameras including the X100s.  Unfortunately, no longer have my original X100 to do the comparison you did.  Differences especially noticeable in the vegetation detail in the background.  The X100 has a certain detail rendering that is lacking in the X100s.  Some folks I think are mistaking the "smearing" inherent in the X-Trans sensor as "smoothness".  Not the same.  As far as color, contrast, etc.  That is all easily altered and has little significance in terms of IQ.

Bottom line is, IMO, the X-Trans technology was a bold step in the right direction, but not ready for prime time.  I'm still very happy with my X cameras in many ways, but I think I would have been a lot happier if they had given me a 16MP APS sensor based on the Bayer array sensor used in the original X100, but left off the low pass filter altogether.  That would have been the winner, IMO.  Instead we've been saddled with a on-going RAW conversion challenge that still has not been resolved to the level it needs to be.  Doesn't match the marketing hype yet.

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