Lighting door slabs in a studio?

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Re: Lighting door slabs in a studio?

The detail shots look pretty good, but the head-on shots of the door look flat and lifeless.

You need some frontal lighting to add highlights to the wood finish. (Unless the doors are totally unfinished, in which case you might want some skimming light to show the wood grain...)

If you have to do this again I would suggest adding a frontal light shot through a diffusion panel and placed so it creates soft-edged highlights on the wood, to show the gloss and shine of the finish. It will make the wood look lustrous rather than dull. You would need to experiment with the position of the light to get the best look.

(In contrast, the shot of the wrought iron door handle does a great job of showing the finish of the metal.)

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Zalafoto USA wrote:

Yes, let us see some of the final images, when you are done!

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First of all, everything I was told changed when I arrived on site. I was told solid wood door slabs with no glass or hardware. As you can see these all have glass, hardware and some have custom iron work. So I had to change my plan from the get go.

Doors had to be shot straight on to match some existing photography.

So here are a couple of my final shots. Ended up bouncing 2 continuous lights off some large boards from the front sides and using a warmer light to backlight the glass. Had to mix a couple different exposures on the textured glass to get it to pop at all (bottom slab photo).

All in all, the client is happy and I learned a ton from the studio manager on location.

Thanks for anyone who gave me some honest advice. It was appreciated.

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