Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

rwl408 wrote:

solarider wrote:

There are professionals using every format smaller than APS-C.

What's yer point?

If given the choice of one camera only, guess what format the real pro would get. It is a laughable logic that because a pro uses a certain compact P&S, that compact P&S is a pro grade. You can substitute "compact P&S" with anything, like iPhone or K-5(s).

Well lets have a look at what pros say about prioities then

"As prices rise in the DSLR world, you increase durability, including great water resistance on the highest models, and get much faster focus response time. The best DSLR cameras also give you noise-free images at higher ISOs for better low-light shooting."

"Entry level DSLRs do a fine job in most conditions, but if you’re going to be shooting sports or action wildlife, you’ll want to move up in price to take advantage of the faster autofocus and multiple frames per second these models provide."

"Most professional photographers will tell you that their preferences in camera brands are largely dependent on how the camera feels and handles, not just on how many pixels or "scene" choices it has."

Notice anything missing from these priorities, that’s right FF is not a concern, IQ is the concern and teh ability to shoot under harder environments.

You seem to have confused your priorities with a 'Pro's ' priorities and they obviously poles apart.


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