Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Well, maybe. But ...

Najinsky wrote:

The main point was that throughout net land, I just see much more evidence of switchers who stay switched, than users of both who choose PCs. I don't claim it as an absolute, only a fairly apparent majority in favour of Mac.  And it's reflected in my own circles of friends and associates; I literally couldn't name 1 out of about 30 switchers I know who would say they prefer PCs. They all struggled, to varying degrees, to keep on top of their Windows PCs, but have nothing but praise for their Macs. They switched and are now on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Mac. It's what I see and believe.

It has always seemed odd to me.

In all of the years that I worked as a software engineer before retiring I knew a lot of other engineers who had strong feelings about their personal computers. Almost everyone I knew had their own machines even though this started well before computers really took off as a commodity (I bought my first home computer about 1980 - a TRS 80). And by the mid 1980s people seemed to fall into one of 3 categories - the Apple people who thought PCs were junk, the PC people who thought Apple was a toy and, in my experience, the larger majority who thought that both were OK but generally bought the PC because it either suited the work they were doing "at work" or they felt it offered a larger number of apps. And this division never really ended through all of the years I was working as a full-time software engineer. I can remember the Mac people talking about "Windows 96" as a dig at Microsoft and its problems meeting deadlines right before the release of Windows 95. People on both sides of the divide are often pretty committed to their point of view and the belief that "the other side" is really "the dark side".

My personal opinion (now) is that Macs are fine machines with good technology, but PCs are both more "open" and more comfortable for what I do with them. If someone went out and bought me a MacBook I would probably happily use it, but probably end up putting Windows on it. I have too much software that won't work on OSX.

The one thing I do wonder about is how good Aperture is. I currently use LR and PhotoNinja as my main photo editing software, but also use CS5 and Sagelight as needed. I can't run Aperture because it is not available on a PC and I would not buy a MacBook just to use software I know nothing about, but it still leaves me wondering about Aperture.

My guess is that it is not much better than LR and PhotoNinja, but I don't know and, unless I end up renting a MacBook, I will probably never find out. One of the missed opportunities in life I guess ...

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