Is an ultrawide DPM possible?

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Re: this is ridiculous

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vbd70 wrote:

Dictionary: "To fall out of favour" = "to loose someone's acceptance". Hence, 28mm lost people acceptance. Hence, is not accepted. Hence, nobody buys it.

even for you that is a stretch.

what I meant was that back 20 years ago in the film days the 28mm was the defacto "normal wide-angle " lens . Now while the 28mm still sells , it is now surpassed by pros by the 24mm

You also said that: "24mm is the most wide angle FL sold these days by most manufacturers" and "the 24mm FOV is today the most sold wide angle in semi professional and professional lenses."

You never answered my objection: if both your assertions were true, why Sigma produced a 28mm DP1M instead of a 24mm one? Why choosing a FOV equivalent which is out of favour like 28mm instead of one all pros and semi-pros want? Surely you know better than Sigma, and surely they are in the business of loosing money... right? Is this one of your other FACTS?

several reasons for that . First ,a 24mm is much more difficult to design especially for a compact lens than a 28mm lens

secondly because sigma choose its normal lens with a 45mm instead of a 35mm  , they probably thought that 28mm would be a better choice for people for which 45mm was too long as everyday focal length

Third , sigma dpm is not a camera that sold in huge numbers and even more so to pro photographers

I understand you are out of the discussion but I wanted to say that , I , I am always willing to answer any real questions that you or someone else may have . I wish you would do the same


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