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Re: In-camera manuals

A couple of notes to go along with shooting the manuals:

  1. I should have set the calendar to a unique date so that I could zoom out the preview to the calendar view to quickly/easily locate the manuals by simply selecting the date I "shot" them.  As it is, I know that April 2, 2013 will get me there - when I get a chance I'll see if I can redate my manual images to a unique date.
  2. I dedicated \DCIM\100_PANA for my manuals, so I moved the existing photos from 100_PANA into 101_PANA and placed both manuals alone into 100_PANA (260 pages/images)  I renamed them P1000001-40 for the Basic manual and P1001001-220 for the advanced manual so the page numbers are part of the file names to help locate the proper page from the table of contents.  

Renaming the files manually can be a daunting task, so I used the following procedure:

I used Excel's "series autofill" to generate the old and new image numbers in side-by-side columns and saved it as a .csv text file rename.csv.  Then I used a simple text editor to convert those comma-separated image numbers into the DOS commands required to rename the files - resulting in the following (one line per image file):

MOVE F:\DCIM\100_PANA\P1050847.JPG F:\DCIM\100_PANA\P1000001.JPG

MOVE F:\DCIM\100_PANA\P1050848.JPG F:\DCIM\100_PANA\P1000002.JPG



The bold text were the image numbers generated using Excel - I used the editor to add the non-bold text in a global edit replace command.

Then I changed rename.csv to rename.bat and double-clicked the rename.bat file to execute the commands to rename all 260 images on my card mounted as F:.

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