Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: "The best camera"

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The best camera is the one you have with you. 

Perhaps the dumbest expression of all time.

IMHO it's a gem. Most people I know who have been seriously into photography (and I'm including a few pros here) eventually get fed up with hauling the gear. The day you leave your prized f/2.8 professional Gold Ring, Gold Recommended, 40-point DxO scoring lens at home is when its image quality advantages stop doing you any good.

The best camera and the one you have with you are often completely different.

The camera you left at home has zero image quality. It is totally incapable of capturing the image. Any image.

The best camera is the right one to do the job.  The one you have with you is usually the smallest thing you can find, and often the least well suited to do the job.

The best camera is the one that best combines being with you, helping you capture the shot when it presents itself, and being affordable so you can buy it and go take pictures instead of drooling over it on photography review sites.

If you show up to an airshow or a cave tour with an RX100, you'll get lousy shots.  It's too short and too slow for the airshow, and not wide enough and not good enough in low light for the cave tour.

It's amazing how many good shots you can get at an airshow that are NOT super telephoto shots of the planes high in the air. Of course, if you only want those kinds of shots, then maybe you need to plan ahead and bring the right equipment.

But if you show up to the airshow with no camera, then you'll get no shots all.  

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