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Re: No FF? Pentax will die.

rwl408 wrote:

If the majority of Pentax user base bought Pentax because of compactness, one should not surprise that a good number of Pentax users don't care about FF. Pentax should not base its business strategy on the false signal - from those users who don't stay with Pentax long.

Ah at last something I can agree with you Pentax should not base any strategy on none lens buying legacy owners who happen to be screaming at the top of their voices at every opportunity,

Given how many have publicly stated if Pentax doesn't do X I'll be buying Y brand, I'm left wondering why so many are still in Pentax beating the same drum ?

It's the ones crying no FF Pentax Doomed who are really the ones with 'issues' with their strategy not Pentax.

It appears they are confusing professional photographers and wanna be's

'Real' pros use the correct tool for the job don't hang about a brand on the off chance it may deliver something fit for their purpose.

Wanna be's on the other hand talk a lot about 'being pro' whilst proving the opposite with their every action.

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