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Re: "X-E1 Blah Color Renditon, its color don't lok very good, dull for photos of things"

nixda wrote:

The Fuji marketing machinery painted the X-Trans sensor as "earth-shattering", at least that's the impression I got. Something that is a game changer, an order above everything else. Well, I don't think so, and neither do I believe is the package around it. They are solid cameras, and I enjoy my X-E1, but it sure has limitations.

I'm sorry about asking question on the earth-shattering product, just was curious what it may be. Was wondering if your opinion comes from a comparison with other product or something else. I'm not sure if it sounded like I intended it to. Now I understand it's mainly your opinion on Fuji's marketing. I suppose it's just that I don't take all of that marketing stuff too seriously, so my impressions were similar to any other marketing BS we have to live with. From the design point of view it is a distinctive product, but the actual gain for the user is not so obvious. As I wrote before on this forum, the use of X-Trans in X100s at first caused some hesitation about the buying decision. But later I decided that it doesn't spoil the camera to the point that would make me unhappy.

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