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Re: I disagree

Anders W wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

I'm sorry but I'm not signing up to m43 lenses magically being good because of optical corrections as it disagrees with what I see. There are a few very good m43 lenses (the 75 comes to mind, but I doubt much software is involved) and some good ones (20/1.7, 45/1.8, others) but I could name a whole bunch more Canon and Nikon lenses that are in the very good category and they don't seem to have much issue churning them out. Also I do think cost is a factor, as it means you can use lens elements with easier/cheaper to make shapes and ditch some of the ones needed to fix CA (although software CA repair does have a cost on image quality, it isn't magically free).

For any lens, what we want is the best final IQ along with the smallest/lightest dimensions possible for a given cost in terms of design and manfucature.

that is just a compromise that you want... in reality IQ is compromised in order to avoid using more expensive materials in optical elements, avoid more expensive manufacturing of properly curved optical elements, avoid more expensive mechanically grounded/polished glass for molded one (or plastic), avoid using bigger diameter optics (vignetting) and so on... everything has to do not w/ achieving a highest possible IQ, but compromising IQ to achieve a proper cost/size/weight.

I find reasons to think that for WA lenses, you get "more bang for the buck" in this calculation if you take advantage of software correction than if you don't.

true - everying about saving $$$ not gaining in IQ... that is exactly the point of software correction... "more bang for the buck"

If you don't care about the dimensions of the lens or how much it costs, then it is of course possible that an expensive, large, and heavy lens which does not rely on software-correction can beat a less expensive, smaller, and lighter lens that relies on such correction.

good to know that you agree w/ that... at no point I was stating that producing an optically corrected lenses will be less expensive... but that again goes towards my point that all that software correction was to achieve lower cost/lesser size & weight...

But if cost of design and manufacture, size, and weight is held constant, I think the lens designed to take advantage of software correction is likely to show the better IQ.

and the whole point of optical correction is gaining in "IQ" before any math at the expense of cost/size/weight.

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