Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Well, maybe. But ...

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

PC users who haven't used both PCs and Macs earnestly are not ideally placed to comment about the comparative experience. This of course will not stop them trying, but all they do is demonstrate they don't really appreciate the real world differences between a feature list and an actual experience.

I am not sure if this comment was directed specifically at me or not.

As someone who has worked repeatedly with and on Macs, I can say that I believe I have comparable experience with both machines and, for my use, I prefer PCs. It is not that I don't understand that others feel differently. They are free to do so and, for them, they are probably right. But there are those who have worked on and with both and prefer PCs. Is that so hard to understand?

No, not at all, it wasn't directed at you personally. The target group was given in the text 'users who haven't used both PCs and Macs earnestly'. What I mostly mean is people who haven't owned OS X based Macs and tried to use them to be productive in their creative content environment (photography, videography, music production, design, etc) or even general purpose computing environment (mail, music, photos, video, office, browsing, hobby, etc).

And I already both specifically acknowledged and generally implied that some will obviously prefer PCs, it's just how people are and nothing wrong with that.

The main point was that throughout net land, I just see much more evidence of switchers who stay switched, than users of both who choose PCs. I don't claim it as an absolute, only a fairly apparent majority in favour of Mac.  And it's reflected in my own circles of friends and associates; I literally couldn't name 1 out of about 30 switchers I know who would say they prefer PCs. They all struggled, to varying degrees, to keep on top of their Windows PCs, but have nothing but praise for their Macs. They switched and are now on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Mac. It's what I see and believe.

The second point is that Macs and OSX are more meticulously designed through multiple levels of abstraction and from multiple contexts. Many users struggle to put it all into specifics, but they do latch on to how they combine to create a richer experience and will express it as; it just works; I get more done; It's more enjoyable to use, and so on. But then they get shouted at by PC users who just can't see why and demand specifics.

I don't dislike Apple itself. I have an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod, all of which I like a great deal. I just don't much care for Macs and, given a choice, would prefer to work on either a PC or a Unix/Linux machine. And that is based on my "actual experience" with the Apple computers going all the way back to the Apple II.

And I'm happy you're happy.

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