DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

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exaggerated thread title for one magnified photo fragment

[Dovey:] DP2m unsuitable for non-Caucasians
...have a look at these this photo as an example of what this can do to a brown skinned person...I was going to get the DP3M for portrait shots, now I know better.
[yyind Strm:] How does a Bayer camera show this? We need pictures from both Bayer/Foveon under same conditions/angles.

A much more accurate thread title would be: "I took a photo with a DP2m, white-balanced for sunlight, and there was a tiny fragment of the scene that was in blue shade, and when highly magnified, the fragment didn't look the way I imagined it would."

Surely such an April-fool's-type title such as "This just in: DP2m is only designed to take photos of white people" or whatever, would only be thinkable if it was in a post that had

  • a side-by-side example of another photo of the same scene,
  • taken at roughly the same time,
  • taken with some other non-Sigma-Merrill camera sensor,
  • at the same ISO,
  • and put through the same post-processing that is documented in the post.
    All as yyind Strm hinted at, above.

However as an April fool's joke, the thread title is great.

An interesting aspect of this is, what is it about the Sigma cameras or their marketing, that tempt people to

  • look at one or two highly magnified photo fragments,
  • always of a part of the scene that the camera was not white balanced for, usually a bluish shade fragment of a scene where the overall white balance was good for the relatively yellowish sun
  • in fact, probably always taken without any field white balance calibration at all, or at least the poster didn't mention doing an on-scene custom white balance,
  • and then see something about the colors of the super-magnified in-blue-shade fragment they don't like...which by the way said fragment usually shows the superb Sigma camera clarity, that puts every other camera of its size and weight and cost to shame
  • and leads them to conclude that the Sigma X...Merrill is a wildly poorly designed piece of junk, so as to be useless for any serious photography? Even though lots of reviewers, taking pictures of lots of calibrated targets under lots of different kinds of lighting, and Sigma sample images, somehow miss this huge oversight?

Will any camera that has a sensor technology different from the dominant Bayer type, attract such "Area 51"-type scrutiny?

There really is something curious about Sigma cameras, because in just a few weeks of looking at this forum have seen more than one example of people searching for negatives about them. Maybe because they're expensive, in the narrow sense that you don't get a zoom or interchangeable lenses for their price? Makes you nervous that you made a mistake in buying them?

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