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The watercolor thing appears to be very real in JPEG.  A pity for those who wanted to get Fuji colors OOC.  Raws look beautiful.

The watercolor problem could be fixed through firmware, but will Fuji do it?

Turn the NR down to -2 and the watercolor effect is gone.  Easy fix.  I'm sure Fuji will eventually address this in firmware as well.

It would be nice if it were that simple, but if you read through the following thread it links to images that most agree show unpleasant noise at ISO 400, and the original photographer on the forum states that he used NR -2 on those shots:


I'd be grateful if you could post some full resolution examples of the default NR showing the watercolour effect compared to NR -2.

Took this through our host's window and I hope this could help. Good thing I brought a tripod with me and the scene was relatively static and varied for comparison. I set the JPEGs to Fine. Hope this helps.

NR +2

NR 0

NR -2

Sorry, I don't have the time to pixel-peep (I really don't do such thing unless I am evaluating or prepping an image for cropping). I believe all the settings were identical.

Thanks for posting!  Do my eyes deceive me or does decreasing the noise reduction increase the apparent exposure?  In these examples, as you step down the NR, the image gradually lightens.  Is that a typical by-product of NR?

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