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MAubrey wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

I'm sorry but I'm not signing up to m43 lenses magically being good because of optical corrections as it disagrees with what I see. There are a few very good m43 lenses (the 75 comes to mind, but I doubt much software is involved) and some good ones (20/1.7, 45/1.8, others) but I could name a whole bunch more Canon and Nikon lenses that are in the very good category and they don't seem to have much issue churning them out. Also I do think cost is a factor, as it means you can use lens elements with easier/cheaper to make shapes and ditch some of the ones needed to fix CA (although software CA repair does have a cost on image quality, it isn't magically free).

My Canon 70-200 has 23 elements in 19 groups with 1 fluorite and 5 UD elements and it optically wonderful. You can certainly see where they spent my money (just over twice the price of the 35-100).

My Panasonic equivalent (FoV/exposure-wise) has 18 elements in 13 groups with 3 UD-ish elements. Part of the lack of elements is presumably as they don't bother correcting the CA so much, so can dump the Fluorite and some of the UD. (Partly I suspect Canon are just flat-out better at designing their top-end lenses.) Optically it's more like the previous generation Canon though, some way behind. I'm still very happy with it and happy to pay the optical price of it not being super-great (f2.8 and the long end lag by more) for the size/weight saving. I think 20% less on the price would be fairer for the performance (the two Canon 70-200 f4s are also a lot better), but the world doesn't work that way and I get that. (Anyway I suspect the £800 odd I paid for the 14-140 back in the day was a worst deal price-wise.)

Your Canon with all those extra pieces of corrective glass gives the lens absolutely horrible flare properties.

But your software corrected Panasonic is much, much better in that regard.

And in this case, the software corrected lens has higher resolution.

The Panasonic also has less (uncorrected) vignetting, incidentally...

you are comparing FF glass w/ m43/43 glass... try to  find m43 1.4 AF zoom then come swinging about vignetting.

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