a580 to a99 - Crazy to upgrade? or go with an a77?

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Re: a580 to a99 - Crazy to upgrade? or go with an a77?

If High ISO is a concern, go A99. It's much better than an A77. The 24-85 is a very good lens, breathing down the neck of the 28-70/2.8 G, and should serve the A99 well until you can upgrade. It's every bit as good as the 28-75/2.8 SAM, so the only way to really get better is to go to the 24-70 Zeiss.

As far as the flash, did you have the 5600HSD re-calibrated? There was a known problem with with the 5600HSD resulting in over exposure when the 7D came out and Minolta was recalibrating them for free. If it hasn't been fixed, I would suspect it has issues on your a580 as well. KM gave me the very first 7D in the US and I bought two more of them afterwards. Once all of my 5600's were calibrated I never had exposure issues with them. Matter of fact it was more consistent than any of my current Canon gear.

Also the A77 has issues with flash exposure where the A99 does not. The A99 although more expensive, is leaps and bounds above the A77. FF is the cats meow if you don't mind the weight or price. When Sony originally bought KM, they had no plans for FF or for professional gear, so at that point I went to Canon and FF. Since I made the switch to FF, I still keep a crop body for more reach when needed... But otherwise I'd never go back. If you don't mind the screw drive, there is a ton of great FF Minolta lenses out there as well as the more modern Sony offerings. I almost picked up an A77 for it's speed and reach, but the chroma noise in deep shadows at high iso's was too much for me. A bit of luminance noise is ok, a lot of it goes away in print and what is left gives some character and feel. But high chroma noise just looks bad. The A99 has very little chroma noise compared to the A77.

If you can afford it, go A99. It really is the best all around body under $3k. If I didn't have such an investment in Canon glass, I'd buy one myself.

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