OK, here we go - side by side comparison X100/S

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Re: OK, here we go - side by side comparison X100/S

Supardiman - my X100 is one of the early ones - 12m13510.  It packed a sad shortly after I bought it and had to send it to Fuji for SAB repair.   That was nearly 18months ago, and it has worked flawlessly since then.   I would not hesitate to buy a second hand one off ebay or whatever you use in your country (looks as if you are not a Native speaker of English), European??

I have had very good experiences on ebay, and if my wonderful Nikon D700 got stolen, I would just buy one off ebay and have that serviced at my camera shop, and it would be like a new camera again.  Do a search on here and find out when people think that Fuji fixed the SAB problem, and buy a unit that was manufactured after that - you should be fine.

Skule123/Pasaguy - yes I think you are correct.   I double checked the settings of both cameras that day.   The ex comp was on zero, flash was used on both shots, or not at all on both shots.  As I said, those are RAWS, so as you know other settings (film simulation, color balance etc), don't apply anyway.  They should look the same, so don't know why the S seems to be underexposing.

Anyway, I don't think that is the problem.  When I fiddled around on L/R, I twiddled with the exposure and other stuff and in every case the old X100 looked much better.  I really think it gets down to the X sensor!!



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