Rules/Tips/Tricks for Ultrawide Photography?

Started Apr 2, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Rules/Tips/Tricks for Ultrawide Photography?

First you have to be able to see wide angle views in your own eyes and brain: those that are trite, those that are nice, those that stun. You are the judge.

Then you just have to take them, over and over again. Make all the mistakes you are capable of. It is called 'education', and self-education here. You are the judge.

Finally, after a few months or years of trying you will know how to take wide angle shots that you and maybe others will like  - same process as with normal angle shots, or tele shots or sports shots or portraits: you are the learner and the judge on your progress.

Many here will tell you to always put some detail up front, so as to fill the stage ... other will tell you other blind rules. But again: You are the judge of your own art and the driver of your quest. Do not listen but be critical of your own work. You are the creator and judge of your art.

That are all the rules I know and live by. The rest are dry academic art corsets.

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