Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

There are professionals using every format smaller than APS-C.

What's yer point? 

rwl408 wrote:

Barry Pearson wrote:

Are you saying that Pentax needs an FF camera so that buyers of smaller-sensor cameras know they have somewhere to go? Or that all buyers of Pentax dSLRs will go straight to FF?

You answered your own question- Pentax needs an FF camera so that people know they have a forward path.

I've had 5 APS-C Pentax cameras: *istD, K10D, K-7, K-5, and K-5IIs. Each has had a better sensor than the previous one. In parallel, software has greatly improved, so that Lightroom (with its latest noise reduction & Photoshop & lens profiles steadily give better results than the previous software.

Pentax surely loves users like you - buy often.

The result is that my print size and quality, and projected image quality, has steadily improved over those years, and become easier. I used to print at A3 with good print quality, now I can print (after cropping) at A3+ with very good quality, and I keep some A2 paper in case. I know plenty of very good club photographers with APS-C sensors, including one who is also a professional and uses the K-5IIs.

We also know there are far more real professionals use FF.

So: why would a typical Pentax buyer need FF? Or are you saying that Pentax urgently needs an eye-level electronic viewfinder mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor, because it is only dSLRs that need FF? And if so, why?

I think there is merit in the argument that Pentax needs an FF camera so that people know they have a forward path. But unless they can cover the range (cost, weight, size, etc) with eye-level electronic viewfinder APS-C cameras plus various FF cameras, surely there is still a place for APS-C dSLRs? (Perhaps Pentax needs a K-mount/APS-C equivalent of the Panasonic Lumix G3?)

Yes, there will always be APS-C users. But without a forward growing path, Pentax may just be a stepping stone to those who need or want a FF. Recruiting new users is important for growth but equally important is to keep existing users at bay.

Some of the discussions about FF appear to concentrate on what a minority want, and ignore the fact that the vast majority of photographers don't do the sort of photography that needs FF.

FF users will always be minority but are important in establishing and maintaining the brand image. Pentax would love it to be the first brand to pop up when someone wants to buy a DSLR, not the second, the third or, worse, simply an afterthought.

- Rick

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