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Re: No FF? Pentax will die.

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Vaards wrote:

All Pentax what is sold, is sold... Thanks fo future FF users (Advacned users who will start to use different system).

A very few, perhaps.  Many Pentax DSLRs are bought by people who want just a basic set-up of body + one or two kit lenses: these people don't even think of  FF, let alone want it.  Many people want the compactness of Pentax equipment over the bulkier (and often more expensive like-for-like) alternatives even in the crop-sensor matket, let alone the bigger FF options.

But those bought Pentax with just a basic set-up can easily switch the brand and would do that more often than ones with good lens collection. If compactness of Pentax body is the main attraction to those people, Pentax has much to worry now that Canon has a compact DSLR aiming at people who want compactness. Nikon may do the same thing too.

It's clear from a lot of the responses in this thread that a good number of users don't want FF, so your statement that all sales depend on future FF is obviously wrong.

If the majority of Pentax user base bought Pentax because of compactness, one should not surprise that a good number of Pentax users don't care about FF. Pentax should not base its business strategy on the false signal - from those users who don't stay with Pentax long.

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