Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: No IS on Nikon A...

Thanks for the complement!

I expect the music/dance events would be the most taxing.  In pubs you can usually pull of shots because people don't move much.  Music/dance much harder - plus often really nasty light.

I guess the question is will you be restricted to using your compact at such places or would you likely be pulling out your E-M5?  If your S95 is just a backup in case something bad happens to your E-M5 then that S95 will do great for everything but the music/dance I suspect.  If, on the other hand, you expect not to use your E-M5 even if it is working fine at a music/dance event then maybe something like the RX100 is in order.

Oh, and I would also second others recommendations to look at the E-PM2 as an even more capable back up.  Not quite as good at "pocketable" but certainly a more capable back up for your E-M5 body as you will still be able to use all your lenses.  And given how pricey the RX100 is, a 14/2.5 off of E-bay and a brand new E-PM2 are the same price.

Anyway - a balancing act - sounds like you want your second camera to fill a few different roles.  You'll need to decide which roles are the greatest priority and then factor in the cost as well.

Neurad1 wrote:

First of all, beautiful shot.

I guess sticking with the S95 might be a reasonable choice, but I am concerned about its low light sensitivity. I plan on shooting in pubs and at some music/dance events......

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