Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: but, the price...and the Fuji X100s

I used an S95 as my only camera for over a year.  I often look back fondly on the pictures I took with it.  Pixel peepers wouldn't like them, but they have a wonderful pop and depth that belies the S95's size.  I had an S100 after that and never liked it as much.  Don't know if it was the switch from CCD to CMOS, but the S100's images lacked the charm of the S95's.

I agree with your wife: keep the S95.  It's a gem.  If you must upgrade, I agree with others that the RX100 would be more than sufficient.

If you're really worried about having a backup for indoor events, consider shooting film.  You can pick up an Olympus Stylus Epic with a razor sharp fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens for about $80 on eBay.  It takes beautiful low light photos with 400 film.  This shot was taken in the waning evening light using ASA 400 b&w film.

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