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Re: No IS on Nikon A...

kenw wrote:

One other thing I just noticed, the Nikon A doesn't have any sort of image stabilization!  That makes it compare very unfavorably to the RX100 in my book.  I love the flexibility of IS.  This is a shot from Paris with the LX3 - hand-held and braced with IS turned on I was able to get the nice blurring effect on the organist with the rest of the image sharp (1/2 sec exposure):

I really consider IS an absolutely must have feature on a travel camera.  Considering the Nikon A and RX100 both have Sony sensors (similar performance for sensor size) and they have similar equivalent lenses this means that when shutter speed constrained the low-light IQ of each will be the same (i.e. the smaller RX100 sensor is compensated for by its faster lens).  Now add in the IS on the RX100 and it is actually the better low light performer...

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First of all, beautiful shot.

I guess sticking with the S95 might be a reasonable choice, but I am concerned about its low light sensitivity. I plan on shooting in pubs and at some music/dance events......

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