A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: Oh yes it is.

skyglider wrote:

Not sure if we are referring to the same time frame.

I understood you to be saying that Word Perfect was as good as Word now and I completely disagree with that statement. Now, Word is a much better product than Word Perfect.

What I meant is that Word Perfect was the word processor of choice in most businesses when MS Word was not yet released.  But the overwhelming majority of businesses were using IBM compatible PCs running the MS OS.

Back in those days WP was a very fine word processor and controlled most of the market. I knew software engineers who went to work at WP in those days to be in on the cutting edge of that market and many of the rest of us (including myself) thought they were doing the right thing.

But, as they say, that was then and this is now.

So my point of reference was when Word was first introduced.  Not later on or now.  If you still disagree, then I respect your opinion.

No. I misunderstood what you were saying. Back then WP was better than Word. it has always seemed a little sad to me that WP lost that edge.

Sorry for the confusion.

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