Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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How many people go to concerts to take pictures?

Mjankor wrote:

And you'd be wrong.


Well, a really obvious example these days is concerts - where people with M4/3s can get in, even with telephoto lenses, but the "Pro" FF cameras are stopped at the door.

Other than that, there's heaps of examples. I used to use a small DSLR and often it would be left behind during fieldwork and suchlike simply because it was too big.

So M4/3 is better at one thing, being illegally brought into concert? Can I laugh at your response? First if you add up how many people are honest and do the right thing, then subtract that from the number of people that actually go to concerts to take pictures and don't get a press pass, the number of people would be very small.

Probably smaller than the number of people that are so lazy, they fail to bring a camera during fieldwork because it weights a few onces more or a few inches bigger even though they know the FF  camera produces a superior image.

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