Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Sony RX100...

The RX100 is my pocket backup.  It is good enough that I consider it a replacement for a m43 camera with a kit lens.  And it is truly pocketable unlike say an X100S.  Actually smaller than my LX3.  I think one of the RX100 reviews shows it next to an S95.

That said, I might also side with your wife.  The S95 is a really nice camera.  Yes, it won't produce a 20x30 print indoors in low light.  But it will do great for web and 8x10.  I did a trip to Switzerland and Poland with only an LX3 and FZ28 and was quite happy with the results.  Did Paris awhile back with only the LX3 and was quite happy with the results there as well.

The RX100 is definitely better than the S95 or LX3 for low light.  Is it $650 better?  I'm not entirely sure - I often am in good light where the LX3 would do just fine.  I've been waffling with selling mine used and just running with the old LX3 instead.  So far still keeping the RX100 but it really doesn't get enough use from me.

I think I'd cringe even more at the price of the Nikon A - as much as on paper I love the concept.  While a "fast prime" makes one feel all "Leica like" the reality is the Nikon A's lens isn't really going to render that shallow a DoF and a zoom is much more practical for flexibility in composition.  Actually, in "35mm equivalent" terms for DoF the Nikon A is a 28/4.2 while the RX100 is a 28/4.9 - they generate almost the same DoF at 28mm equivalent while the RX100 costs about half, is smaller and has a zoom to go with it.

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