Does the newly announced D800 firmware work for you?

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Re: Do you mean...

inasir1971 wrote:

Karl Persson wrote:

lock wrote:

...the aperture closes even if you had aperture set at e.g. F/2.0 if you go into live view ?


No. The camera stops down to the chosen aperture upon entering LV. If you´re set at f/2 it´s still at f/2 (until you change the aperture).

If you want to shoot at f/8 you´re forced to focus at f/8 (in LV) if you don´t want to first open up the aperture, focus, and then stop down again.

The camera should keep the lens fully open regardless of chosen aperture, just as it is when you use the OVF, and stop down for exposure simulation when you press the OK button.
The aperture lever has a separate motor, so it is not a hardware limitation AFAIK.

No it shouldn't.

If it did as you suggest you would have no way of accounting for focus shift for critical focus.

? I´m not sure I follow. If you press OK for exp sim you´re in stopped down mode.
If you mean that you want stopped down LV without exp sim for enhanced brightness, this could be a menu choice.
A good macro lens doesn´t have focus shift, but of course a lot of other lenses do.

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