5d mklll grip c---p

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ESfishdoc wrote:

I like the Canon grip.  I guess I'm a Gorilla.

The OP gave an opinion that was more of a rant than a review.

On the other hand, it was obvious to me that such a rant, coming from someone willing to expose their inferior education and low social standing, was from the heart.  That gives it some credit.

No evidence that his education was in any way inferior to yours or anyone else. Also can't see any indication of op's social standing in his post either. Just seems unproductive to think otherwise in a context like this that is not universal. Text only is a tough medium to communicate in. He for example it seems you we're intentionally being derogatory. Such is the problem with type only comma. Extremely hard to convey intentions at times and harder still to determine them accurately in some cases.

The moderators missed the mark also IMHO giving a a pat on the back and a wink with a --I'm sure he didn't really mean anything bad-- attitude.

I have a tendency to take folks at their word until I have solid evidence to the contrary.  We actually hit the mark... Just not the one you think we should have aimed at. A lot of missing going on

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