Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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A DSLR is not the size of a fridge or a floor jack.

jonrobertp wrote:

Size,  weight  and cost has nothing to do with the versatility of the tool itself. ...

What ???   lol...they most certainly do...have a LOT to do with the tool. Do you carry a floor jack in the trunk of your car ?   Do you take an 18 cu.ft. fridge with you on an afternoon picnic ?   Small is nearly always many items, including most photographic equipment. (except reflectors)    etc....

Clearly, there is not agreement here on this thread as to how the OP defined his term "versatile".

A dslr is smaller than any floor jack or fridge.

If you are using a comparison it would be the difference of bringing a 18 cu fridge and a 21. The size difference is bridgeable. Only a pocket camera would be a major difference because it will fit in your pocket.

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