HS50EXR and F900EXR reviews, continued ...

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Re: HS50EXR and F900EXR reviews, continued ...

alexisgreat wrote:

wow! nice results- especially for astia and velvia! I didnt expect that! Maybe Fuji got some feedback for these modes and L size and decided to change some things?  Kim, I wonder how much of a DR penalty there is though for shooting in astia or velvia?

Pretty big ... the tone curves will penalize you mightily in contrasty light. This test was not contrasty.

btw when you talk about equalization of sharpness for M size images do you mean in post process?  I assume you're talking about using USM in PS.

Yes, in CS5 with a very small amount of Smart Sharpening (abbreviated on the heading of the crops) ...

also I really dont like to nitpick but at the end of the blog entry I think you typoed iso 1600- it says iso 1700 there- its been a long night I know lol.

No problem ... I'll try to remember to fix it later.

edit: found another one- you said you are better off shooting Velvia M size than Provia L size.... did you mean Provia M size?

No, I meant L size. Basically, L size does more damage at higher ISO than Velvia.

so is the new standard Velvia > Astia > Provia for high ISO imaging, Kim?

No, I would still use Provia and then manage saturation in post processing. But others might make a different choice.

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