Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Stay away from Macs!

gaussian blur wrote:

Fat Dragon wrote:

Actually, the same local big U's very busy computer store discretely recommends Lenovo as the make that has proven most reliable.

That Lenovo and formerly IBM Thinkpads (not IdeaPads or even Thinkpad Edges) are the most reliable laptops on the market is no secret. They're built like tanks and sold at reasonable prices (often with three-year NBD warranties for no extra cost) to boot.

Must be somewhat of a secret, because Consumer Reports gave Apple a score of 78% for customer satisfaction, with Dell & Lenovo at 59%. It mentions the iMac repair rate at 7%, but not Lenovo's, which is presumably higher than Gateway (13%), which it does mention.

In a survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Lenovo didn't even make the list, being lumped into 'others'.

And in PCWorld's most recent survey, Apple is #1 for reliability, with Lenovo in 4th place, although the scores were very close. However, unresolved problems were just 4% for Apple and 17% for Lenovo.

I never said Lenovo is the most reliable manufacturer. I said Thinkpads are the most reliable laptops. Apple gets good scores because they charge premium prices for every product they offer, so they offer premium service on them as well. If Lenovo dropped Ideapads, their ratings would skyrocket, just as HP's would if they only sold Probooks and Elitebooks and Dell's if they only sold Latitudes and Precisions. It's not just that these business-class notebooks are better-engineered, which they are, but that they have longer standard warranties and a completely separate support network, which, for each of those three manufacturers, puts AppleCare to shame.

The fact is that pretty much everybody but Apple makes cheap consumer laptops; throwaway electronics - buy one for $400 today, throw it away in a year and a half when it develops overheating problems that you don't have the knowledge to diagnose, and buy another one. Junk like that is their bread and butter and what they lack on margin they make up on volume. It drives their scores down for reliability and customer satisfaction, but it pays their bills, and in the end it means nothing with regards to their higher-end products.

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