Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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mFT with the coming to market of the OM-D and GH3 is on par with the likes of the 5D Mark III, what ever difference there is exists only on paper as far as I am concerned. In practical use, you cannot tell the difference except, as I said earlier, for one difference and that is tracking focus across the frame where a ff DSLR will win hands down.

Not even every FF DSLR, I doubt very much that the pathetic 9-point AF system in Canon 6D can keep up, and the AF system in D600, although good for APS-C, simply covers too little of a frame for FF, so as soon as your subject wanders outside of it (which is too easy), it is lost. And these are the latest FF DSLRs, what would you say about 5D II or Sony A900? Not every FF DSLR is 1D X.

Your points are taken .............kinda.

Yeah, some of the low budget ff cams have their AF points squeezed into the central area of the field of view. However, lets say we are talking about one of the cheaper 9-point AF arrays, I bet ya if it has focus tracking, it will focus track from the far left of its AF to the far right faster than any mFT cam will. The difference in performance between ff and mFT in this regard is similar to the old difference between single point AF on any contrast-detect system and that of a ff DSLR, in that it is glaringly obvious that one doesn't need to rely test equipment of a reviewer to point out the difference as one can see it one's self.

It's the one area of AF that mFT systems, or any other maker of contrast-detect AF cams has to work on in a big way.

Personally, it hasn't bothered me yet as I havent't ever had to rely on the feature but those who shoot sports or perhaps wildlife may miss this ability if they go to mFT from a DSLR.

Which DSLRs have focus tracking?

I was just reading up on AI focus, AI servo and single on the Canon 7D and it doesn't appear to have it.'s gear's gear list
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