Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

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Re: Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

bigfatron wrote:

joger wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

I already have compacts that use SD cards, and I hate handling them.  They're too small & awkward.

I agree, but I just wish CF sockets didn't have all those vulnerable pins. SD is much better in that respect.

ever had problems with the pins?

i never broke them to date or had any contact probelms

CF is faster still and I like the more robust CF design - SDXC is just a bit flumsy but my MBA hs a built in reader - that would be very welcome!

I don't see the problem with the pins either. Every camera and reader i've had made it pretty much impossible to bend the pins, unless somehow you got some small hard piece of FOD between card and pins on insertion or something.

No, I've never personally had a problem with the pins but I've read of others who have. Be honest, it's not a great design for a consumer device is it?

My solution is to have a 32GB card which I rarely fill so I don't have to remove it very often. It wasn't cheap but it's been worth every penny to stop getting those 'card full' messages!

The small size of SD cards that some dislike doesn't bother me.

Yes I prefer the CF size but with large capacity cards its not like you're having to handle and change them in the field that often anyway.

Agreed on both counts - CF cards are easier to handle but SD cards are ok.

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