D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Re: D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

Daisy AU wrote:


All is relative!  What might be considered "not good enough" by some, may be good for what you expect out of photography.  I own the D7000 hence cannot speak for the D7100, however I doubt it is only good for wildlife.  The 70-300 VR sweet spot is not at either end, hence try using it at various different focal distances and compare the results then.  Just my two cents worth!

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Daisy AU - Brisbane

Hi Daisy:

Thanks for your input, and yes of course, you're absolutely correct "it's all relative."

However, having said that, I also personally have fairly high standards of quality and I know that sometimes certain equipment is able to produce much more quality than some folks think it can, providing you learn how to best use it. I would like to believe that a new, really good camera (D7100) plus a fairly decent-quality lens (70-300VR) can produce some great images if done correctly under the right conditions. I hope to discover how to do that, and do it well.

Thanks for the tip on the lens' sweet spot.


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