X100S with LH-X100 lens hood w/adapter ring: Does the X100S lens hit slim filter when in macro mode?

Started Apr 2, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: It does not.

Sebit wrote:

My B+W 49 007 CLEAR MRC nano XS-PRO DIGITAL (I'm quoting the full name to avoid possible confusion) filter arrived this morning and I can confirm there is no problem with the lens hitting it while in macro mode. But it is indeed CLOSE, it's hard to measure of course, but I would say it's 1mm of space between the filter glass and the front of the lens, not more. So for some slim mount filters this may be a real problem. Never though of that, lucky me...

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As wosim said above: as long as you use the Fuji adaptor ring (or the equivalent much cheaper JJC one) you can fit ANY filter - thick or thin mount - the adaptor gives the necessary clearance.

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