In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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Re: SirLatex - Something I might even try, but I am not worthy . . .

sherman_levine wrote:

I bet your wife hides her FZ200 so you can't make off with it


Mr Levine,

On the contrary, she gives the FZ200 to me full of her photos and then expects me to do all the Silkypixing, Photoshopping and other stuff that makes these photos just as she likes 'em!

Well, this is only fair, since when I bring home the local sausage, the golden beetroot, the dark stout and the 95% chocolate, I expect her to magically render them into a wunnerful meal of bangers-with-exotic-gravy, using her many kitchen skills & tools.  Every time, she obliges.

SirLataxe, all for the cooking up of delicious stuff (images & sausage-gravy both).

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