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Re: Demonstration of Differences in DxO Geometric Corrections

Anders W wrote:

Sure. DxO crops the image to a rectangular shape. If you ask LR kindly, I think it will do the same. Or if you ask DxO kindly, it might abstain from the cropping, which from a diagnostic point of view might be even better. If additionally, you make sure that the amount of correction applied by the two converters is exactly the same, it might be an interesting comparison.

OK, magister, I have now cropped the Adoobie image down to the girlie-man size of a mere 3499x2624 pixels (seemingly all that it could handle), and gratiously lowered the DxO Optiques Prose image size to a similar puny dimension. Once again, download the Original images and display them in an image-viewer at 20% size (collapsing 5x5 pixel arrays into single, centered pixels).

Lightroom 3.6:

Note the pattern that appears to imply a single centrally placed optical correction reference point.


DxO Optics Pro 7.23:

Note the four circular patterns that appear to imply four separate correction reference points.

I anxiously await your refutations showing that Adobe is the embodiment of crystalline perfection.

Note: The DPReview post-display system appears to be malfunctioning. This is my 2nd and final possible edit. If images do not display, click on the Gallery Page links to download the Originals.

DM ...

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