Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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So then what are people talking about when they say the current-generation contrast detect AF systems cannot track as fast as phase detect systems? Is it just an urban myth?

Tracking and focusing are two different things. You can shoot E-M5 at 4 fps even with AF-S, let alone AF-C, but you'll have to keep your subject in the focus point (rather focus square as it looks different from DSLRs' PDAF focus points). If the subject moves between different focus points, i.e. laterally, and at the same time back and forth (so you cannot just lock focus), you will need AF-C+Tracking (different focusing mode), and this one might lose subject if it moves in lateral direction too fast, focusing on something else instead.

Of course there is the question of light and lens giving reasonably good input to the sensor. Indoors at 45 mm (90mm FF eq), there is a big difference between 45/1.8 at 1.8 and 12-50 at f/6. And make light low enough and all bets are off.

Regarding focusing speed itself, newish m43 lenses go from far to close focus faster than most DSLR lenses, I guess simply because much better ratio between focusing motor power and focusing group mass. Even vs PDAF; CDAF on DSLRs is simply unusable and don't even assume it is anything like that  on m43.

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