Protecting dust entering lens or camera when in the field

Started Apr 2, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Protecting dust entering lens or camera when in the field

Hi, I will be interested to find out if anyone has a fail safe method of changing lenses to avoid dust as I have been plagued with dust spots through changing lenses 'in the field.'

My guess is, there is no fail safe method. Eliminate the amount of movement in the surrounding air is my guess. So, possibly inside a bag? Inside a jacket? Inside anywhere that doesn't have an obvious airflow. Of course there could/will be dust inside bags and jackets but with no air disturbance perhaps this could work? I would probably say a brand new plastic shopping bag would be the best option.

Also 'in the field' could be a lot of scenarios. One where it just wouldn't be practical to change a lens maybe?

I suppose a lens fitted to suit the 'field' before you set off is the best option. Or in extreme cases a compact would suit.

I only take one lens on field trips so I am not tempted to change. I can also crop to get whatever ratio I want when I get home.

That's probably no help and hopefully the experts will come up with something I havn't thought about.


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