Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

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Re: Wrong... wrong... wrong

Wyville wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

What's more, the 7D2 will be at least 18 months newer than the 1D X and is almost certain to feature DIGIC 6. There is every possibility that the 7D2 will have more processing power than the 1D X.

What is known about DIGIC 6?

Only that it exists. There's no guarantee of more processing speed but it's a pretty safe bet I'd say.

As far as I have seen it was present in a Powershot, but do the new small DSLRs use it?

No. Seems odd at first, but the 700D is a minor upgrade which could have been made a lot more complicated by switching to a new processor. And the 100D is also last year's camera in a new body so the same applies. And/or maybe it's something to do with when the development cycles started?

But whatever, it would seem pretty odd if a flagship new model like the 7D2 didn't use the latest processor. Even if there was no compelling technical reason, it would be unlikely from a marketing point of view.

How does it compare to DIGIC 5+?

I think for the professional market a DIGIC 6+ will be developed similar to DIGIC 5 and 5+. I would expect a 7DmkII to have dual DIGIC 5+ rather than DIGIC 6, unless a high MP 1D comes out with DIGIC 6+.

But that's just pure speculation.

Yep, that's going beyond where I could make any 'educated guess'.

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