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A few from the Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye

I've posted some of  these elsewhere, but figured it wouldn't hurt to post again. I purchased a Samyang Rokinon Bower Walimex 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye last Wednesday and have been having a blast with it, so far.

Weather's been unseasonably dreary, including heavy snowfall on Easter Sunday. Where the heck is spring?

All of the following shots were quick snaps. The first two were taken my way home after purchasing the lens. The last were taken in the company of my wife and/or mother-in-law. They're very patient with my hobby, but I still feel a little rushed when they're along

Vienna's main library. I've wanted to take a picture of these stairs for some time, but it's not easy without a UWA or Fisheye.

Headed home from work.

At the Hauptbahnhof in Villach, southern Austria. Defished with kenw's stereographic profile for LightRoom.

Downtown Klagenfurt, southern Austria on Easter Saturday. Defished with kenw's stereographic profile for LightRoom.

Achterjägerpark in Klagenfurt on Easter Saturday, pointing toward the city center. Landesgerichtshaus on the left, Stadttheater on the right. One second exposure, handheld and unbraced.

Landhaus Klagenfurt (Carinthian State Capitol Building). Defished with kenw's stereographic profile for LightRoom.

The six ton Lindwurm scultpure, completed in 1583, commemorates local folk history involving a dragon that once terrorized southern Austria. Defished with kenw's stereographic profile for LightRoom.

If you're looking for a fun m43 lens at a bargain price, I recommend this 7.5mm Fisheye highly. In combination with kenw's defishing profiles and/or other defishing tools, you get a lens that's versatile, well-built and delivers very good image quality for a reasonable price (~$300).


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