Some Firsthand Observations with RX-1 and X100S Side by Side...

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Re: Some Firsthand Observations with RX-1 and X100S Side by Side...

Rod McD wrote:

What is it with manufacturers and add-on hot shoe VFs?  The Sony RX1 and the Coolpix A both have very expensive add-on VFs.  (And they're not the first to do so).  I can only conclude that they select that design to be able to pare the core dimensions down to as small as possible for the record, and then potentially make more profit because the mark up on the separate VF amplifies the profit on the whole deal. Then you have to carry this extra 'thing' in the kit and they're potentially easily knocked off, left at home, lost, etc.  And many block the flash shoe in use - a very poor idea from the outset.  The Fuji X series and Sony (with the NEX6&7) got it right.  I really thought that we might have seen the last of add on VFs, but apparently not.

Olympus has done quite well with this approach with the Pen line (although the EVFs were a good deal less expensive) and rear LCDs and OLEDs are far better in bright light than they were even 2-3 years ago. While some are like you and would never buy a camera without a viewfinder, many of us will. I'm personally fine shooting without a VF for smaller cameras with wider lenses where I always want one at longer focal lengths. For some of us, the smaller size sells a lot more cameras and a built in VF would detract from that. With the RX1 I'd buy the EVF and would use it some of the time, but far from all. With the Coolpix A I'd never use it and wouldn't buy it. I prefer the choice. You don't. They may get my sale because the offer it that way even as they're losing yours. Fair enough - it's all personal preference and there are plenty of options to go around... I'm glad plenty of cameras offer what you prefer and plenty offer what I prefer too.


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