FZ200 - That blasted control wheel!

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Re: FZ200 - That blasted control wheel!

walespete wrote:

The handling of the FZ200 is great, except for one thing - that utterly useless control wheel. It is impossible to turn it with your thumb without pressing it in, which puts it into shift mode and therefore adjusts the aperture or shutter speed. Not good if you want to adjust the exposure.
The only way I have found is to use a fingernail to catch the serrated edge of the wheel. This can still take several attempts, taking 15 seconds or more. By then, the picture has long gone.
You have to press against the wheel to get enough friction to move it.
Any suggestions would be great, short of disassembling the camera to fit a stronger spring.

Waiting hopefully for an answer.

I totally agree. This has been been driving me crazy - thanks for posting.

Please post your experience with this - are you having problems with the spinning the wheel and having the shift mode inadvertently become active?

Again, so much to like about the camera but for the money very cheap feel for this particular control.

If most of you aren't seeing this problem then I am sending this back.



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