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morepix wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

Can I do better with Raw than with my best JPGs? No. 


I agree with almost all you've said here. I almost always agree with almost all you say, and the gracious and clear way you say it.

However, one exception to your statement above: FZ200 (and LX7, and ... ) images essentially always have some noise, even at lowest ISO. Noise reduction in-camera, however one may laboriously work out JPG settings, leaves some indigestible artifacts in the images, which cannot be removed by subsequent noise reduction processing. That issue is dispensed with by shooting raw.

I won't qualify this with YMMV or IMHO or any other weasel words. I'll stand by it. You can do better.

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Thank you for your very kind comments.  I'm sure you're right - I _could_ do better, but I'm still working at a very primitive level with SP. I can move the sliders and see  the effect, but I'm not yet at the point of really understanding what they do behind the curtain.

There are lots of pictures where I churn the .RW2 and compare it to the JPG, and end up saying the camera got it "just right" - although my preference in general is to prefer a bit more sharpness and less NR than the camera provides even at NR= -2, which is totally consistent with what you describe in your post.


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