Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

RedFox88 wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

I suppose its just a shame there is no a 2.8 constant zoom lens that extends to around 85mm on FF that allows for good portraits. 70 is too short.

This is not correct.  If you put a 24-70 f/2.8 on an aps-c dSLR and use it as a "longer" lens, it'll have the same DOF as if you'd had shot it with a 35mm SLR using the same lens at the same location.  35mm and aps-c only differ if you use the same lens at different focus distances (locations).

Not quite true. It will create the same-sized physical circles of confusion on the sensor, but they will be magnified by the crop ratio in the final picture, just like everything else in the picture.

But to have the same approximate framing of the subject, you would have to step back, "contracting" both the subject and the CoCs. But it will be different location already.

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