What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: GH3 - for focus tracking

sgoldswo wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

Hey everyone, since selling my Canon gear to move to m43 I've been shooting with just one top quality body (I have a gf2 as well buits really lacking in dr for my style of shooting so one useful camera only scares me!) I had the money put aside to get the new improved AF all singing all dancing Oly when its announced but all seems quiet on that front at the moment.  So I'd like to get a complementary camera to go with my om-d.  If that is the top at the moment then I guess I will need to hire where needed until the new one is announced and make a decision then.

I've even been looking at the GH3 despite its size, but I can't find anyone willing to put their neck on the line and call a winner!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

GH3 is better than any other M43s body I own or have owned (E-M5, G5, GX1, E-P3) for focus tracking of objects moving towards the camera. It's probably about as good as a APS-C DSLR. I believe that's down to the readout speed of the sensor but also the processing power in the camera (due to its video capabilities).

Note for others: Panny is expanding the list of faster lenses as it upgrades their FW (the 14-42 and another that I can't recall were in the recent GH3 FW upgrade).

The E-M5 can use  240fps with any lens but there is a warning in the manual that it compromises accuracy (which I would agree with based on use).

Where in the E-M5 manual does it say that using 240 fps compromises accuracy? I haven't found any statement to that effect (or any other statement about 240 fps AF) in the manual.

Further, how did you conclude, based on your use, that it does compromise accuracy? How, to begin with, do you know whether the camera-lens combination is using 240 fps or some slower AF read-out rate at any given moment with any given lens?

What is known, based on the press release, is that the E-M5 uses 240 fps for AF-C only, not AF-S:


Some further information about the matter is provided by Imaging Resources here (see under "focusing"), but I don't know what the source of that information is:


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