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ardtullaich wrote:

So the next time some won calls me a pom,Pommy,Tommy, Inselaffenor a brit i should take offence?

If it comes from myself, or any other Aussie - it's most definitely not meant as an insult.

And now the hole thread has got lost because of 4 letter abbreviation.

These things happen sometimes. Often we take it offline, occasionally we handle it in the thread so that others can see and learn. Sorry that it has taken over the thread - it was not our intention although it is certainly due to us. So my apologies for what has occurred - though you must take just a little responsibility too TBH.

So - lets just all move on now and discuss how good or bad the 5D3's grip is.

Personally, I haven't got a grip for mine - just don't need one. I find I can shoot in portrait orientation just fine without one (and do quite often) - and as the battery life is fine and the camera is a bit more compact and lighter without one - I've never really been interested.

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