DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

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Re: DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

Hello Dovey

Why would this cause a flame war? Everyone here always behaves well.

The picture you post doesn't show flattering skin. It is entirely possible that the DP2M/SPP implementation does alter something.

But, for us, not knowing how your mothers leg actually look, we cannot call this one picture evidence. It can even be that your mothers leg did look like that in the particular outdoor light, while she sees it "perfectly" in a mirror with indoor light, where the low K alters the visual look completely.
It is known that Foveon is "unforgiving" in showing skin - meaning showing things that our brain filters, and even maybe showing invisible effects/defects. Remeber one guy her using SDs for documenting skin before/after some medical treatment.

But, this would/might go with all kind of coloured skin.

How does a Bayer camera show this? We need pictures from both Bayer/Foveon under same conditions/angles. On the beach, and maybe in tungsten?

Dovey wrote:

I know that this is going to cause a flame warfare but have a look at the evidence.

I recently purchased at DP2M and took it on a bushwalk. I am Indian and I took magic photos of the forests and coast in Wilson's Prom National Park in Australia. There have been lots of comments about the inability of the foveon sensor to cope with brown and the reports of purple blotches.

Well, have a look at these this photo as an example of what this can do to a brown skinned person. My mother was horrified when she saw the image and could not understand why she looked so bruised.. I attach a 100% crop of her legs.

I was going to get the DP3M for portrait shots, now I know better.

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Kind regards

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