Future of Pentax?

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Re: No FF? Pentax will die.

Vaards wrote:

All Pentax what is sold, is sold... Thanks fo future FF users (Advacned users who will start to use different system).

A very few, perhaps.  Many Pentax DSLRs are bought by people who want just a basic set-up of body + one or two kit lenses: these people don't even think of  FF, let alone want it.  Many people want the compactness of Pentax equipment over the bulkier (and often more expensive like-for-like) alternatives even in the crop-sensor matket, let alone the bigger FF options.

It's clear from a lot of the responses in this thread that a good number of users don't want FF, so your statement that all sales depend on future FF is obviously wrong.

Because people are looking what camera brand made those excellent pictures! Canon... And they want to buy Canon!

Again, a dew perhaps.  The real reason Canon and Nikon dominate the market is that they built dominance a decade or two ago and once they have it they can't be dislodged from it unless the market chamges dramatically.  A FF body from Pentax wouldn't be - in the global camera market - remotely significant, let alone dramatic.

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