DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

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Re: DP2M unsuitable for non-caucasians

Dovey wrote:

I know that this is going to cause a flame warfare but have a look at the evidence.

I recently purchased at DP2M and took it on a bushwalk. I am Indian and I took magic photos of the forests and coast in Wilson's Prom National Park in Australia. There have been lots of comments about the inability of the foveon sensor to cope with brown and the reports of purple blotches.

Well, have a look at these this photo as an example of what this can do to a brown skinned person. My mother was horrified when she saw the image and could not understand why she looked so bruised.. I attach a 100% crop of her legs.

I was going to get the DP3M for portrait shots, now I know better.

This is just a guess, but this is a special case, and we're not just looking at the colour brown. I'm wondering if this is a matter of invisible skin pigmentation, which is being detected by the sensor's sensitivity to UV/IR, that we can't normally see.

It might be worth trying a standard UV/IR filter, which is optically clear and doesn't affect exposure. If it works, you can just leave it on the lens. These were standard fitting on the Leica M8 because of its lack of an AA filter, and there should now be plenty of used ones available.


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